My 2017 Crop of Photos

Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop
– Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams

My 2017 Harvest

This has been a good year overall photographically for me. I had a lot of photo trips this year; Death Valley, Joshua Tree, UTAdventures, ExplOregon, and MonSekaa Desert Adventures. I came away from all of them with some great photos.

In August I restarted my underwater photography and went a little crazy with it. I’m not sure why I waited so long, but I made up for lost time often having 6-8 shoots a week in the pool, only stopping in November when it just got to cold and expensive to heat the pool. I ended up producing some of my favorite images of the year as a result and kept getting better as the shoots went on. So I’m going to start back up earlier this year and experiment with this underwater photography to see what I can create.

I took 57,013 photos in 2017 which is a big jump from the previous two years, 38,097 photos in 2016 and 24,063 in 2015.

The Breakdown

Total 57,103
Keepers 183+30
Portfolio Worthy 50
5 Star 14

Keepers – these are the photos that I actually edited and considered finished. I am behind on my editing and have another 30+ that I intend to edit.
Portfolio Worthy – There are images that I actually exhibited or showed to others via my web site, social media, etc.
5 Star – These are the photos I consider my best work of the year. These are my “Harvest” or “Crop” for the year

The Images

Note: two images are not shown because they are awaiting publication. Once they are published I will update and show them here.

Juried Shows, Contests, and Publications

I entered 24 events this year and had a very good success. I was accepted or won in 12 so far and still waiting to hear the results from 8 of them. So only 4 that did not accept my images. In every gallery show I ended up sellig some of my prints. Most of these were older images, I only had 4 of my 2017 images that won awards. This is mainly due to timing and I expect all of my top 14 this year to do very well in 2018.

How Was Your Crop?

I would love to hear how many 5 star photos you shot this past year. So share with me in the comments below or on my Facebook page.