This is my latest DIY project. These stands hold a sheet of foam core board vertically. I use foam core a lot in my photography, to act as a reflector, a background, or a gobi. In the past I have used a variety of methods for holding the foam core boards in place such as taping them to light stands or leaning them up against bricks or boxes. But this did not often work well as the boards tended to move and fall over.

So to the solve the problem I devised these stands. I made two sizes. The large is made of wood and is designed to hold large 4’x8′ sheets of foam core. The smaller ones are cut out of acrylic and can easily hold a 3’x4′ sheet of foam core. The slot is cut so it is exactly the size of the foam core thickness. This provides a tight fit, and I can actually pickup the foam core from the top and the stands stay in place.

So this is a simple, yet effective solution to my problem. If you would like to make your own stands I have plans available for the acrylic version here. Plans for the larger wood version will be coming soon (or you can probably figure out yourself).

For those of you who would like the stands but don’t have the tools to make your own, I am also selling them on my web site

Here is a photo of the small acrylic version