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I picked up the Canon 50D Monday night and finally had some time today to go take some photos with it. My camera prior to this was a Canon Rebel XT, and I took some great photos with it, but it was time to upgrade and as soon as I heard about the 50D, I immediately called the local camera shop to get on the waiting list.

I was expecting it to arrive mid-Oct, so was pleasantly surprised when it showed up on Sept 29th.

I had three main reasons for wanting to upgrade.
1) Better High ISO
2) Larger LCD (the Rebel is just way too small)
3) More pixels. Although I think that 15.1mp is a little too much

I haven’t yet had an opportunity to test the ISO performance. In my photo walk today I really enjoyed the larger LCD and during post it was nice to have more mexapixels for a couple of photos where I cropped heavily (didn’t have a long enough lens to get to what I wanted). So far the camera has been great!

More photos are available on my Flickr account.