Private Photography Lessons

Take Your Digital Photography to the Next Level

I offer private photography lessons and semi-private instruction in my studio in San Jose, CA, online, and on-location anywhere in the world.  These private or semi-private lessons are designed to help you quickly accelerate your photographic expertise.

Possible lesson topics include

DSLR Camera Basics Studio Lighting Photographic Composition
Using Natural Light Working with Models In-field Sessions
Digital Workflow Adobe Lightroom  Photoshop
Retouching Image Review  Underwater

You are Unique

Attending a photography workshop with other students is certainly a great way to learn photography techniques, but each student is unique and will absorb material differently, so because everyone has their own way of learning, your specific needs and challenges may never be addressed in a workshop setting.  So, from time to time, it helps to get private photography lessons to get you unstuck or to help you move to the next level.

I will freely share my all of my techniques that I use to get my shot and will guide you in creating great shots of your own.

Designing your Private Lessons

Based on various criteria and your specific needs, I will work with you to design the private lesson with a time period that should properly cover the desired topics.  Whether that is an online session or in-person I will strive to teach you the topics you want to learn.

If you have a friend who shares your level of photographic expertise and has similar needs, then I can design an instructional session for both of you together.  Semi-private lessons are $100 an hour (you pay only $50/hr each!), also booked in minimum two hour time slots.

Prices for Photography Lessons

  • Private lessons in person $85/hour
  • Day Rate $450
  • Semi-private (2 students) in person $100/hr (total not per person)
  • Online sessions $60/hour
  • On-Location shoots – contact me to discuss.
  • Model (if needed) – additional $100/hr

If you have further questions about private photography lessons, please contact me so I can address your specific needs.