Finding Vivian Maier

This movie is currently in theaters and if you get the chance I highly recommend it. It is a facinating documentary about the nanny Vivian Maier who took tens of thousands of photos during her life but never showed them and they were not discovered until after her death when an individual purchased a box of negatives at an auction.

I had previously heard about Vivian Maier from new reports when her work was first discovered and I had recently watch the Art of Photography episode about her work

The documentary is very thorough and tells a lot about Vivian through inteviews with her past employers and the children she used to nanny. I highly recommend it.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think?

This is Not Photography

This is a recent documentary about Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor. If you are not familiar with Jerry's work you should visit his web site He was creating interesting and artistic composites in the darkroom, long before Photoshop came along. His work has always been and inspiration to me and watching this documentary was fascinating. It really got my creative juices flowing and I've already come up with a dozen new photo concepts.

There have been a few public showings of the film, but can also watch it on at

If you aren't already a member of (and you should be), then this is a good excuse to give it a try.