Self Portraits – #2

This is the second self portrait in my project to shoot 30 self portraits. You can read about the project in my first post.

For this one I wanted to experiment with edge lighting and profiles. I think it turned out OK. I’m going to revisit this one and try some props (I’m thinking a hat work well) and change the angles a little.


The Image

Self Portraits #2





















Lighting Diagram

One thing I left out were the camera settings. Although the light is at f/5.6 I had the aperture on my camera set to f/8.0. This helped to darken the side of my face even more.

I also had a question about why the light is at an angle instead of behind me (which would have given more of a rim effect). The reason is so it doesn’t appear in the scene as I wanted a black background. It is just out of the frame to the right, I made it as close as I could where it would not show up in the scene.

One other thing to note, I purposely made the light very close to me, the reason was to have a lot of light fall-off from the front of my face to the back. This creates more of a gradient and wider range between the highlights and shadows.

Self Portraits #2 Lighting