Bravo TV has just started the 2nd season of “Work of Art – The Next Great Artist”. I highly recommend this program to all my artist/photographer friends.

This past week I started watching some old shows from last season that were on my DVR and have been inspired by every single episode. The show is a reality show where artists are given an art challenge and often have one or two days to complete the challenge in whatever medium they choose. The art is then shown to the public and guest judges then crtique it and pick a winner (who gets immunity at the next challenge) and a loser who is sent home.

There is a mix of artist types on the show, there are photographers, sculpters, painters, street graffiti artists, performance artists. What has been interesting to me is that while watching the show I will often get ideas about photography subjects I want to shoot, and these ideas don’t come from the photographers in the show. Sometimes it from a painting one of the artists creates, sometimes it a scuplture, it varies every show. It’s a great show for sparking my creativity and as I mentioned above I have been inspired by every episode.

It airs on Wednesday Nights on the Bravo Channel ( Check it out.